“A daring and adventurous undertaking, almost 60 minutes exclusively sounds of drums based on the musical dexterity of Garo Tavitjan as well as his rhythmic diversity present a musical masterpiece for those with polished ears and taste. Better to say, this is a CD for the explorers – for those who are ready to search, explore and discover...” Concerto Austrian Magazine (Austria)

“A powerfull piano trio which can compare with internationally most successful productions - rightly.” Jazz Dimension Magazine (Germany)

“Five out of five stars, Thrilling!” Concerto Magazine (Austria)

“Already established music stars in the Balkans.” Armenian Spectator (NYC)

“Tavitjan Brothers caused a music storm in Bansko!” Erevan (Bulgaria)

“Garo & Tavitjan Brothers set Zagreb on fire!” Vecernji List (Croatia)

“Garo Tavitjan is a drummer, and a part of the group Tavitjan Brothers, however this amazing musician is giving us the possibility not only to hear his drums skills with the trio but also his solo album that would knock your socks off in the sphere of a great musicianship.” PLG Music Entertainment (Sweden)

“They have found their own path, trust and follow it blindly with their heart ignoring the many risks it carries.” Azad Hye (Dubai)

“Playing with Tavitjan Brothers is no different than playing with STING! It is a true pleasure to work with them.“ Rhani Krija

“Diran's chordal ideas, finger dexterity, improvisation is really good.” Roseanna Vitro (Jazz Ambassadors)

“The music of Tavitjan Brothers accumulates a great knowledge, hard work and the finest musical taste.” Vlatko Stefanovski

“Tavitjan Brothers are Macedonia's pride!“ Theodosii Spassov

“Tavitjan brothers simply blow up their instruments during their amazing concert performance! Their mixture of Jazz and Macedonian traditional music caused euphoric reactions in the crowd accompanied with tremendous applause ovations at the end of each composition!” Vest (Macedonia)

“Tavitjan Brothers clearly proved that their music can not be defined by one musical style, quite the opposite, they are following the new music streams but at the same time tastefully incorporating the Macedonian music roots.” Nova Makedonija (Macedonia)

“If you ever wonder about the future of Jazz in Macedonia look no further, listen to Tavitjan Brothers.” Antena, Dnevnik (Macedonia)

“With their concert performance at the Universal Hall, Garo and Diran Tavitjan once again proved their worldwide music reputation and showed that they are among the world class Jazz musicians.” Spic/Vreme (Macedonia)

“Diran demonstrated a palette of musical styles combined with Macedonian traditional elements in exceptionally modern and virtuosic manner. Garo presented different drum techniques and genuine combinations of different rhythms with masterful improvisations.” Vecer (Macedonia)

“We highly recommend Tavitjan Brothers trio not only to the Jazz listeners but to every passionate lover of music. Tavitjan Brothers without doubt deserve their place among the top musicians in jazz.” Utrinski vesnik (Macedonia)