NEWS 2011

Oct 26: Tavitjan Brothers & Garo with a concert performance in Universal Hall celebrating the "30 years of Universal Hall" in Skopje.
Oct 15: Tavitjan Brothers & Garo with a spectacular concert performance on the legendary pop music festival "Makfest 2011".
Sep 24: Garo & Diki (Tavitjan Brothers) as a special guests on concert of DNK the bigests R'n'B & pop band in Macedonia in Metropolis Arena.
Sep 19: Celebrating the success od the Macedonian basketball representation with a concert performance on the city square (40.000 people).
Sep 8: Garo & Diki Tavitjan with concert performance as a special guests on a second concert with the popular band Nokaut at the Club Colosseum in Skopje.
Sep 8: Celebrating a Independence day in Macedonia with a concert performance at the city square in Skopje (40.000 people).
Sep 7: Garo & Diki Tavitjan with concert performance as a special guests on a popular band Nokaut at the Club Colosseum in Skopje.
Aug 27: Garo Tavitjan as a special guest on a concert of Vladimir Cetkar in Struga celebrating "Struski veceri na poezijata".
Aug 27: Perofmance at the "Struski Veceri na poezijata" in Struga. (Tavitjan Brothers & Karolina)
Aug 6: Concert in Bitola at the "Bitfest" with the Tavitjan Brothers.
July 2: Concert at the bigest international Jazz Festival on Balkan in Serbia, Belgrade (Sava Centar).
May 13: Garo & Diki Tavitjan with concert performance as a special guest stars (with the song: Dafino vino crveno) on a big concert of a famouse pop singer Karolina Gocheva in Boris Trajkovski Arena.
Feb, Mar, April: Recording video snapshots in Paris, Oslo, Vienna & Rome for the upcoming music video of the Tavitjan Brothers.
Jan, Feb, Mar: Recording the Album "Makedonskoto Srce Sto Cuka Vo 7/8 part II" feat.: Sergej Cetkovic, Zeljko Joksimovic, Nina Badric, Jelena Tomsevic, Oliver Dragoevic, Goran Karan, Kaliopi, Karolina, Antonija Sola, Risto Samardziev & Vlatko Lozanovski.
Jan 17: Promoting the video for the song "Da sum bistra voda majko" featuring the legendary singer Hari Varasanovic (Hari Mata Hari). Song from the album "Makedonskoto Srce Sto Cuka Vo 7/8".

NEWS 2010

Oct 20: Tavitjan Brothers signed an exclusive management contract with the renowned Swiss production label "Youkai" covering a territory of 12 European countries!
Oct 19: Tavitjan Brothers in London - November 5th, 2010! Read More!
Oct 19: A video report for the 2 fantastic concerts of Tavitjan Brothers at the Legendary Blue Note NYC! Watch It!
July 13: Exclusive! Tavitjan Brothers at the world`s finest jazz club BLUE NOTE in NYC on 10th Oct! Book online at (first show) and (second show)
July 13: Tavitjan Brothers at the renowned Auvernier Jazz Fest in Switzerland on 27th Aug!
July 13: Tavitjan Brothers at the Eastern Europian jazz festival in London on 8th Oct!
July 13: Diran & Garo jr received the prestigious “Golden Mask” award as one of the most successful and influential people in Macedonia for the year 2010 recognized by the listeners and citizens of all cities around Macedonia!
July 13: Exclusive! The new music video of Tavitjan Brothers & Zeljko Bebek for the Macedonian traditional song Jovano Jovanke on the renowned Croatian Tv “CMC” - Croatian music channel.
More at and
July 13: Garo & Tavitjan Brothers with an exclusive promotion of their latest music video for the song “Jovano Jovanke” with the Legendary Zeljko Bebek at the club Midnight ! Exclusive interview with US & EU Ambassadors Mr. Reeker and Fouere!
Watch Video!
July 13: Tavitjan Brothers at the shooting of their latest music video featuring the legendary singer of Bijelo Dugme - Mr. Zeljko Bebek.
Watch Video!
July 13: “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8” with the greatest Balkan singers just released by Croatia records! Out in all stores in Croatia!
Buy it!
July 13: Tavitjan Brothers signed the 10 year exclusive contract for the most renowned Croatian music publisher “Croatia Records”!
July 13: Great News! The monumental album “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8” is the best selling and most awarded album in Macedonia for the year 2009/10!
Mar 8: Great News! Tavitjan Brothers received 3 awards at the Macedonian National Music Awards “Zlatna Bubamara”!
1. The best project of the year for the album “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8”
2. The best producers and arrangers
3. Music video of the year “Eleno Kerko” with Massimo Savic
Watch video here!
Jan 26: Tavitjan Brothers and Oliver Mandic with a new song - Probudi Se Na Cas (Dedicated to Tose Proeski). Download the full song in mp3 format here!
Jan 6: Garo Jr became an official representative of FORD.
Jan 5: Recording with Oliver Mandic on a new song.

NEWS 2009

Dec 17: Promoting the new album called “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8”.
Garo & Tavitjan Brothers feat: Josipa Lisac, Zeljko Bebek, Hari Mata Hari, Massimo Savic, Tereza Kesovija, Esma Redzepova, Miki Djafer, Goran Bregovic and Karolina.
Dec 17: Promoting a video with Masiimo Savic on a composition “Eleno Kjerko”.
Dec 1: Recording with Karolina on a new song called “Remembering” for the new upcoming album of Garo.
Nov 20: Making arrangement for the song “Zelba” from the new album of Rebeka.
Nov 21: Recording percussion track for Rebeka's latest album on a song “Zlatni Zici”.
Nov 18: Garabet Tavitjan, Tavitjan Brothers and Massimo Savic shooting an exclusive music video for the song "Eleno Kjerko" with Tomato Production. Video coming soon!
Nov 18: 5 stars for the latest album's of Tavitjan Brothers called "Treasure" and "Macedonian Rhythms & Improvisations" in the largest Austrian Magazine Concerto! Link here!
Aug 12: Philip II Arena, Skopje opening ceremony performance feat. Garabet and Diran Tavitjan.
Jul: Recording and producing Macedonian Traditional songs for All Star Balkan singers.
Jul: Releasing 2 songs for Europian jazz network CD-compilation via SJF.
Jul: Mixing new Tavitjan Brothers “Best Of” album for releasing in Croatia.
Jun: Tavitjan Brothers - Recording and Producing Macedonian song feat. Josipa Lisac.
Jun: Releasing new Music Video - Tavitjan Brothers “Treasure” recorded in Universal Hall.
May: Live Druming performance at the “Dramski Teatar” for “Alexander”.
Apr: Music for “Alexandar the Great” - Dramatic play & performance.
Mar: Writing music for “Alexander the Great” by Ljubisha Georgievski.
Feb: Recording and composing song for Fani Hristova - “Nema Spas za Nas”.

NEWS 2008

Dec: Tavitjan Brothers concert in Universal Hall.
feat. Theodosii Spassov, Rhani Krija (Sting), Garabet Tavitjan and the best Macedonian singers.
Dec: Press conference for promoting new albums “Macedonian Rhythms & Improvisations” and “Treasure”.
Nov: Recording and Mixing of new album “Macedonian Rhythms & Improvisation”.
Oct: Tavitjan Brothers - Concert in London, England - Halo Venue 21:00h.
Aug: Tavitjan Brothers - Concert in Croatia, Pula - Jazzbina Festival.
Aug: Tavitjan Brothers - Concert in Bulgaria - Bansko Jazz Festival.
Jul: Promotion of the New Video ”Dafino Vino Crveno” in Hard Rock.
Jun: Recording and Composing new song for Maja Sazdanovska - “Se' e Haos”.
Jun: Tavitjan Brothers Concert in Slovenia, Ljuljbana - Cankarjev Dom.
Jun: “Makedonija Zasekogas” Skopje/Concert - City Square
- Garo/Karolina/Tavitjan Brothers.
Jun: Promoting and composing new song for Eva Nedinkovska and releasing the same song with Music Video - “Od utre ili zadutre”.
Mar: Releasing the new Music Video called “New York” recorded in NYC.
Mar: Publishing the interviews and reviews in NY American spectator, German Concerto and Jazz Times.
Mar: Recording and composing new song for Eva Nedinkovska - “Ajde Igraj”.
Feb: Performance in the Drummers Collective USA, New York.
Feb: Recording the new Album in NY Mozart Studios.
Feb: Tavitjan Brothers concert in USA, New York - MC Gallery, Manhattan.
Jan: Composing and releasing new song for Eva & Andrijana Janevska
and releasing the same song with Music Video
(Song is dedicated to Tose Proeski).